How can you notify us?

Let us know that you wish to make a complaint in one of the following ways:
– by filling out the the electronic complaint form;
– by sending a message to DIOGEN through the contact form;
– by email to DIOGEN’s email address in free text;
– in any of the other ways specified in Art. 43 para. 7 from the General Terms and Conditions.

You must return the product to the address below.

The products offered in the online store are offered with a legal guarantee for compliance of the goods with the contract, according to the current legislation. In the event that an additional commercial warranty is available, we will issue a warranty certificate.

The statutory warranty covers manufacturing defects or hidden defects in the products, other than wear and tear due to normal use.

In the event of a complaint, you have the right to request repair of the product or its replacement with a new one, and if the complaint is justified, we will carry out repair or replacement, whichever of the two actions is economically justified and possible, within 30 days of registering the complaint.

If we do not repair or replace the product within this period, you have the right to request a refund or a reduction of the amount you paid.

For more information about your right to complain, please see Section X of our Terms and Conditions, as well as Art. 112-115 of the Consumer Protection Act.

Warranty and making a complaint

1. The cash receipt is your guarantee. Whenever you make a complaint about a product, you must present the original receipt or invoice with which you purchased the product.

2. When submitting a claim, prepare the product in its entirety and preserved commercial form (the goods have not been damaged by you). If we cannot identify the product, it is not in its entirety or it is of an unsafe commercial appearance, the claim may not be satisfied.

3. Let us know you want to make a complaint. You can do this by filling out the electronic complaint form or in one of the other ways specified in Art. 43 para. 7 from the General Terms and Conditions. Let us know what the damage/defect is.

4. You will receive confirmation that we have received your notification, as well as a unique number of your claim, information about it and which employee handled the complaint.

5. Send the product to the specified return address.

6. Please clean the product before sending it to us and DO NOT send it by courier at our expense (Cache on Delivery option – COD). Products sent in poor condition or with payment condition are subject to refusal of acceptance and return until they are properly sent.

7. Our associates will check if the product is eligible for a warranty return. If the product has a manufacturing defect, we will repair it or replace it with a new product within 30 days of making the complaint. If we are unable to repair or replace the product with a new one, we will refund the price paid for the product or offer a discount. In the event of a satisfied complaint with the repaired or replaced product sent to you, you will also receive a document indicating the action taken on the complaint. If the product does not meet the warranty conditions for a manufacturing defect or warranty period, the complaint may not be satisfied, of which you will be informed within 30 days of the claim in writing or by email.

8. For more information on your right of complaint, please see Section X of our Terms and Conditions, as well as Art. 112-115 of the Consumer Protection Act.

9. If you encounter any difficulties in submitting your complaint, do not hesitate to contact us.

    UIC 117634565
    VAT No. 117634565
    63 Borisova str., Ruse 7012, Bulgaria

    Address for returning orders
    63 Borisova str., Ruse 7012, Bulgaria


    I hereby notify that I have found a non-conformity of the product(s) with what was agreed.

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